Survey in English…Grand sondage!

Voici les résultats du grand sondage réalisé en anglais par les 6e2 et 64 sur la vie quotidienne et les loisirs des 6e.

Nous espérons qu’il vous intéressera!



Here are the results of the giant survey about the first years’ daily life.

It was prepared by the 6e2 and 6e4 .



1. What time do you get up

– in the holidays  ?


– on schooldays  ?

2. Do you have a shower before school  ?


3. How do you go to school  ?


4. Do you have breakfast before school  ?


Where do you have breakfast ?

90% of the pupils have breakfast in the kitchen.


5. What time do you leave the house to go to school  ?


6. Where do you do your homework  ?


7. What time do you go to bed when there is school the next day?




8. What sport(s) do you practise  ?


About 25% of the pupils don’t practise any sport !

How often do you do it  ?


9. Are you in a club  ?

10. What do you do after school ? Give your two favourite activities.


11. How often do you play video games  ?


12. Can you swim  ?


13. Have you got pets ?


14. What pets have you got  ?


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